Terms and Privacy



  • īHono is a digital platform created by Māori for Māori – our culture, our people, our lens
  • īHono is a designed to help connect, support, enable and promote positive outcomes and futures for Māori 
  • īHono is a space free from bullying, racism, harassment, aggression, violence, hate speech, and political badgering

Your content

  • You will only publish content if you have signed up and created an īHono profile 
  • You own the rights to the original content you create and publish on īHono
  • You are responsible for the content you publish on īHono, and assume all risks relating to it in terms of accuracy, intellectual property and or legal rights 
  • You can delete your content at any time. You can also ask īHono to delete content you have published
  • Advertisements and promotions for events, products, or services can be published as part of a story supporting positive outcomes for Māori 
  • īHono hosts and manages your content, and assumes no ownership
  • īHono will not support articles that are misleading, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal
  • īHono does not support content that violates others’ privacy, including sensitive or confidential information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, non-public phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, or other non-public information
  • īHono will delete articles that are incomplete and / or infringe these terms

Using īHono

  • When you “Sign up” to īHono you agree to these Terms and Privacy conditions 
  • īHono provides this service to you as is. You use them at your own risk and discretion
  • īHono reserves all rights to our code and visual design elements (including logos). You may not copy or reuse them without written permission



  • īHono will not sell, share or make commercial gain from your data – profile information, location data or article content
  • īHono uses third-party vendors and hosting partners, such as Amazon, for hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology we need to run the service
  • By using the Services, you authorise īHono to store, and manage your information with the partners we require to provide this service


  • Your profile details will only be available to īHono members
  • Your profile details will not be released as searchable content outside the īHono platform
  • Your contact details are available to īHono members you connect with


  • You control the visibility of your location on the īHono map
  • Your location will only be visible on the īHono map if you choose to share it when setting up your profile or when using the visibility icon on the īHono toolbar at the bottom of your screen
  • Your location is an approximate location of the digital device you’re using to access īHono. For your safety īHono does not accurately show where your actual location


  • īHono provides 2-level authentication for sign-up
  • īHono encrypts passwords in transit ensuring the security of your access
  • īHono uses browser cookies to recognise you and log you in when you return to our platform